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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Tale As Old As Time - NOT

So we tried to go to see the new Beauty and the Beast film on the first day that it was released, the 17th of March 2017, but unfortunately it was sold out so we couldn't go and see it. We tried both of the cinemas in Cardiff but both were sold out. However, we did go on one of our many train journeys into Cardiff and was cheated in another way by having to pay £7 due to travelling at peak time.

But, it wasn't all a disaster. We went to a new restaurant which was recommended to us by a few people and found it was a pleasant change from our normal and reoccurring trip to Pizza Express as it is one of the only places where they serve vegan food as well as food for everyone else. For any vegans out there, or non-vegans, we highly recommend Zizzi's as it is suitable for everyone.

Zizzi's is an Italian restaurant which has classic Italian dishes as well as a separate dietary menu where it shows foods that are vegetarian, vegan and gluten free. The waitress who served us was endearing and often joked with us about her long day. It was a Friday which was a busy day in Cardiff as there was concerts as well as the new release Beauty and the Beast. We ordered a table in advance though when we got there we didn't know why we did as it was so quiet but as we sat down more and more people were coming in and we saw how busy it got. when we sat down we saw how nicely their tables were laid and thought the presentation was worth sharing with you.

One of us started with a vegan garlic bread (shown below) which was divine. In fact it was tried by all and all loved it even if they weren't vegan. It was well worth the price paid for it as there was a lot of bread to eat, we would highly recommend when getting this to buy it as a starter to share with everyone as you may be full before the main even arrives.

Another one of us had the melted mozzarella and pepper pesto chrocchettes (shown below), which were also marvelous.However, as you can see from the photo there wasn't a lot to this starter but the taste certainly made up for that and it was a nice if you wanted to treat yourself and not care about the price.

The mains came quickly besides the vegan dish as we were told that it had burnt and they were making a new one and therefore was offered a free drink which was quite nice. We didn't mind waiting and it was worth the wait as the Pizza was so nice. The other pizzas were a normal margherita pizza as well as the vegan pizza being a margherita alternative. The other pizza was a classic pepperoni campagna. 
After the amazing food we set out to go to the nearest cinema which happened to be Cineworld, when we got there we could see that there was a long line of people waiting but what we didn't know was that they were all queuing for the same film that we wanted to see. Finally after waiting for what felt like years we finally got to the front of the queue, were we got told that all the showings that night for Beauty and the Beast we all sold out. we then walked all the way to the other side of Cardiff to Vue cinema in the pouring rain and high wind to find out that all their showings were sold out as well. The only thing that we could think of doing then was catching the next train home and sitting in front of the fire with a nice cup of tea in our Cath Kidston mugs. All I can say is that a night that was going to be so good and exciting turned out to be a total disaster but I think that they make the best memories as we had such a laugh and we will never forgot when one of us decided to forget their glasses even though she was reminded before we left so it turned out to be a hunt for a pair of glasses that she could wear to watch the film that we never saw in the end. 
Hope you all have a great week and don't forget to check out our social medias that are linked down below to see sneak peaks of our next blog and our adventures. Thank you for reading, see you next week for our next blog post:)

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