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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

RENT with a view

Last Friday we went to Cardiff Bay as we were going to see the musical RENT, we drove in to Cardiff bay and parked in the Mermaid Q two story car park.

On our walk to the restaurant before the show we saw some of Cardiff Bay well known buildings as well as the Millennium Centre. (as shown in the photos below).

We went to Pizza Express, a normal location for us on a day or night out when we want something to eat. As you can see from the pictures the food looked delicious and tasted the same. On the left is the margherita bufala which was a classic and was delicious to the least. It had lots of flavor and didn't disappoint at fulling someones stomach.
 As well as the margherita bufala, we had the pianta pizza and, as you can see from the photo on the right, was full of rocket as well as having hidden elements that added to the pizza.
We decided to have a proper treat and ordered desert as well as having our main and a starter of dough balls.
On the right is two scoops of ice cream, one was chocolate and the other vanilla and it tasted as if we were actually in Italy and eating their ice cream.
The coconut delight, as shown on the right, was also so delicious and also contained no dairy, a plus when trying to eat out with a vegan.

The coconut delight was a coconut sorbet and did not disappoint as it was absolutely amazing and a real treat.

After our delicious meal, it was time for the musical.
We had a short walk to the |Millennium Centre and we were lucky that the weather was nice, a hit and miss in Wales, and it was such a lovely day.

The weather helped to bring out Cardiff bay's beauty and we couldn't help but take pictures of a place where we go to an awful lot.

When sitting down in our seats we looked at the stage and we were blown away by the set. It was an amazing and well though out set. We felt that the set helped with creating the scenes and it was used well throughout the performance as well as looking amazing throughout all the scenes.

The cast for the performance was amazing. Everyone of them fit their roles and were amazing to watch. It was so nice to see Layton Williams play Angel as we are such big fans of him and have seen him in a stage production of  Hairspray in Cardiff  and in the T.V. programme  Bad Education. His performance was outstanding as well as the rest of the cast.

To anyone who ever gets the opportunity to see Rent I would highly recommend it as there is a strong meaning behind the show as well as having some amazing musical numbers.

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