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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Birthday Presents ideas


This week we have a lot of people that we need to get birthday presents for. So we were thinking about what makes a good present and what is a good present to get someone.

The present you get someone always depends on how close you are too them. Most of the time we fall into the trap of just putting money into a birthday card and letting them buy their own present. Sometimes at a stretch they will get a gift card.

If you are friends with someone but obviously aren't super close to them the safest option to go with is either chocolates or bath stuff. Although, sometimes you can be friends with someone and not be super close but still put some extra thought into their present. If you know something they like then it is a good idea to get them something related to that.

It is also a good idea depending on the relationship you have to get something that means something to both of you. This could be a sweet gesture or could also be a inside joke. Both are good ideas and will make the receiver very happy. A sentimental or sweet birthday gift could be a photo frame or album or even a scrapbook of all the memories and adventures you have shared together. A present related to an inside joke depends on the inside joke, for example one year we decided that everyone on our group was going to get our friend marmite as they were so obsessed with it.

If it is a best friend then obviously you know them pretty well so shouldn't be struggling to think of a present for them. Sometimes it is good to get them something you know they like and is also something that means something to you but sometimes it is a good idea to give them a present like taking them out and doing something for their birthday together, therefore you give them an experience rather than something materialistic.

When we were younger it was often the case that our parents would buy our siblings presents and we would pay them back the money and pretend that we got it for them. This is alright as it is generally something that they have already asked for so is a safe bet. However, we have found that buying for our siblings is not actually that hard. You tend to spend a lot of time with your siblings even if you don't get on with them that much when you are young. Therefore you often learn what they like and often get a lot of inside jokes or trick your parents a lot. Therefore the presents could be related to this and often don't have any use at all after they have it but it is just a constant reminder of what it symbolizes.

When buying presents for parents it is a good idea to stick to something sentimental as it means something to them. Although some parents do like flowers or chocolate as well. Often, we give our parents things like a trip for afternoon tea or treat them to paying for them to go out. It is nice as most parents don't get many opportunities to do this as they are focused on work and their kids.

Sometimes the most simple presents can be amazing. We know that although people feel like chocolate and bath stuff is a safe present it can be an amazing present especially if you get some amazing stuff like a LUSH bath bomb or any other LUSH product  as well as some nice chocolate that you know is their favourite. Once we got our friend loads and loads and loads of Lindor chocolates as they are absolutely in love with them.

Some places we go to get most of our presents are Paperchase, Boots, the Disney Shop and Hobby Craft. There are many other places it just depends on what you wan to get for that person.

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