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Monday, 5 June 2017

Hay Festival Day Two

This is the second edition to our blog about our time at Hay Festival. Read our last blog post about our first day at Hay Festival as well and be sure to follow us on social media. So our second day was long and tiring just like our first day but it was definitely amazing. We started off with a morning walk from where we were staying to the Festival to be there for eight where we either wrote our reflections of the previous day or did yoga. Having done yoga before we decided to take the time to do some writing instead even though yoga is quite a good way to relax.

Our first talk of the day was Owen Sheers who is amazing as he is so down to earth as well as being an amazing writer. We highly recommend that if you don't know who Owen Sheers is you go and read his poetry or novels or plays as he is very talented and like us started with the Beacons project. His talk was about the reform of males and was very interesting to listen to as he addressed it as a poem to his daughters and therefore gave a meaningful and sentimental tone to what he was talking about. In the afternoon we were able to have a private Q and A with Owen Sheers who is so lovely and very humble. He was very helpful when answering questions on how he started writing and his advice for us as well as being very cheerful and happy to sit and have a chat.

We also went to a talk about how to write a novel with the BBC's 'The Essay' where they had two novelists, a historian and fictional, talk about how to write a book by reading out Essays that they had done. Both gave great advice and were very helpful for aspiring writers. We also went to see Luciano Floridi who talked about the internet and our society as well as getting into political issues and answering questions about economy problems. Although it doesn't seem interesting to very many people as a writer it was very interesting and gave ideas for fictional writing as well as giving someone's perspective and thoughts of the research that they did.

We also went to Matthew Francis who talked about the Mabinogi and how he translated the stories and wrote them as a poem in English. This was very interesting to us as being Welsh and not being able to speak the language we were able to look at the Mabinogi without needing our teacher to help us understand what was actually happening. It was also interesting as it showed how Welsh culture was important to people outside of Wales as well.

We also went to the BBC live sessions in the afternoon where we got to see performances by aspiring singers as they worked with people like Ed Sheeran in the past. We followed this with the comedy store players, which we were very eager to see as after such a long and intense day we were in the mood for a good laugh which is exactly what they allowed us to have.

The second day was just as good as the first and the last day was also amazing. Read our next blog to find out about our last day at Hay Festival and also follow our social medias at the bottom.


ThePolkaDotDaffodil x

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