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Friday, 1 December 2017

Blogmas Day One - DIY Christmas Decorations

So this is the first blogmas with decorations that you can make yourself. This is something that we enjoy doing as we think it is so much more fun than buying them as well as it being cheaper and they often have sentimental value. It is obviously easier to go and buy decorations but it is nice just to have a few things in your house that you have made yourself and it gets you into the Christmas mood.

Firstly, you can make decorations with any coloured paper and just make a paper chain. This is super easy and many people have done it loads of time so is not a new idea. We used to do to this so much as kids and found it to be so much fun and even had competitions on who could make the longest paper chain. You can match the colours of the paper that you use to the colour scheme you have of your decorations in your house or you can stick to the traditional colours of Christmas. All you need to do is cut the paper into strips and fold them into circles and stick the paper together to make a ring. You fold each piece of paper the same way but loop it through the first ring of paper you made and eventually you have a chain of paper rings.

Another Christmas decoration we made as kids was collecting up all the Christmas cards you received and hanging them on a piece of string on your wall. This meant that you have nice little Christmas themed pictures hanging on your wall and you don't have to pay for them. This can also be done with any photos that you want such as printing off any Christmas picture that you like or pictures of your family at Christmas time.

Another quick and easy DIY is to get a tea light and make it into a snowman's face. All you have to do for this is to add two dots for eyes and dots in the shape of a smile for the mouth as the light acts as the snowman's nose. this super easy and cheap as you can get a pack of tea lights for very cheap and so you can have many little snowman tea lights for Christmas.

Stockings are normally really expensive for what they actually are and so many are so small that it is hardly worth paying for them. Therefore, a good DIY is to upcycle some old quilt that you have and make it into a Christmas stocking. All you have to do is measure our the size you want, you can even use a template from online, and then cute out the stocking making sure you have enough material to be able to sew it into a stocking. This is good as you can make it out of any material you want and you can have it however big or small you want.

A really easy DIY is to get a bunch of mason jars or empty baby food jars and put in little Christmas lights or holly or anything related to Christmas that you can find. You could even draw on the jars a little picture like a reindeer or snowman and then have the lights to illuminate the picture. This is really easy and super quick and costs very little to make.

Another really easy DIY is to get a bunch of photographs of you and your friends or family and get some coloured card, cut the card into a shape like a star or a circle and then cut the photo out and stick it to the card. Then make a hole at the top of the card and put some string through the hole and tie it together and then hang to on your Christmas. You then have a personal to you Christmas ornament on your Christmas tree.

Finally, Christmas is never complete without a wreath. You can make a wreath out of anything such as photos or pinecones or any left over bobbles that you have. One of our favourites is the Photo wreath. All you have to do for this is get a bunch of photos that you like and some copper wire. You can easily twist the copper wire into the shape of the wreath and then all you have to do is add the photos to the wreath. You can also if you want make a ribbon and add it to the wreath and then you have your own photo wreath. If you want it to stand out you could also add battery operated fairy lights. This will make the wreath even more christmassy.

Thanks for reading our ideas for DIY Christmas decorations, please leave a comment with some of your ideas that we can try as well. Also make sure that you are follow our social media to share your DIY's with us if you do indeed try any of these, as well as keep up to date on all of our other blogmas posts. Don't forget to click the button at the top of our blog that let's you follow it so you can keep up to date on when we post and also don't forget to visit our blog everyday of December up until the 25th to read our blogmas posts, as we will be posting new blog posts everyday.

ThePolkaDotDaffodil x

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