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Friday, 19 May 2017

Make-up review


So we know that we didn't post anything Tuesday but we have been dealing with exams. So we decided to post today so that we could have a break from the exams.

So, today we want to talk about our retail therapy from our exams. We decided that to relief some of our stress we would go shopping.

We went to Boots and decided to buy new makeup which we think is worth trying. We were happy with our new purchases but our purses were not.

Some of our purchases included NYX products, which we highly recommend. Firstly, we bought two lingerie liquid lipsticks in the colours satin ribbon and dusck to dawn. Both were £7 although the colours were so nice that they were worth the purchase. Testing it in the shop the colour was very pigmented and seemed to be compatible for many skin types. We also bought a new foundation and a foundation lightener to match the awkward skin colour. Both were very expensive with the foundation being £14 and the lightener being £8 although we highly recommend both as they give full coverage and have a good consistency. we highly recommend NYX makeup as even though it is more expensive then some brands it is a good alternative to the extreme prices of places like MAC and it gives a professional look.

We also bought the a collection eye shadow palette, eyes uncovered nude palette. As well as a highlighter from collection called pearl sheen. The highlighter was in stick form which we have never tried before but found that it works just as well if not better than powder and therefore it was a quick application and gave an instant glow. The last product that we bought was also from collection was a moisturizing lip cream called velvet kiss. We highly recommend this as it is  really nice colour and a substitute for an expensive version such as Kylie cosmetics.

We also bought  real techniques expert face brush to use for foundation. There is an offer on in Boots currently which didn't help us save our money where you can buy one get one free. So, we also bought a real techniques expert concealer brush. We also bought real techniques beauty blenders which we know everyone loves so we wanted to try and are happy that we did. Overall, we highly recommend real techniques products as well as going to Boots as quick as possible to take advantage of their deal.

Sorry for the late upload, we hope you enjoyed this weeks post. Check out our social media pages listed at the bottom and we will see you next week with another new post. Don't forget to comment on twitter that you are from our blog and we will give you a follow.


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