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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Things to do on school breaks

Hiya everyone, hope your all well. For this weeks blog post we decided as we are on half term break from school we thought we would give you some ideas on how to keep busy and things that we enjoy doing. 
There are many different things to do around our area whether that is us going for a walk or catching the train or bus to Cardiff as there are train and bus stations not far from our houses. One of the things we enjoy doing is going to Cardiff Bay as there is a range of different things to do like going to the Doctor Who expedition or going for a walk around the Bay or maybe just going for a coffee or a pot of tea in a cafe. 
We also like shopping and walking around Cardiff as there are many things to look at and it is a nice interesting walk. One thing we also sometimes do is to go to the Cardiff Museum as there is a new expedition every now and then which are normally really interesting.
Also in Cardiff at the moment there is going to be a big football game being held in the Principality Stadium between Real Madrid and Juventus in the UEFA Champions League and also there is the women's UEFA Champions League between  Olympique Lyonnais and Paris so there is a lot of different advertising around parts of Cardiff. The main advertising is as you can see below of a blue dragon holding a copy of the UEFA cup and pictures of different football players from different teams.
Another thing that we like to do is to go to different restaurants and try their breakfast menus when we got to |Cardiff early enough which is nice as you get to try new things and new places. Our current favourite is Bills and The Cosy Club as they both have a selection of different foods and they also have meals for Vegans which is especially good for us as one of us is vegan and there are not that many places that have vegan food or can accommodate for vegans.
We don't always like to go to Cardiff as we are very lucky to have so many different places to go around where we live like there are a range of different beaches and walks and also there are a lot of outdoor activities available. 
This is all our ideas at the moment but if you have any don't forget to comment or message us on any of our social media accounts and we will reply. Hope you enjoyed reading this weeks blog, hope to see some of your feedback as we really appreciate it. 
Thank you for reading, 
See you next week x 

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