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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Capital Summertime Ball

Hello lovelies,
Its been awhile since we last posted a new blog post but we have been planning lots of new exciting things for our future posts so get excited for them. For this post we decided that we would share our experience of Capitol's Summertime Ball.

It took us so long to get to Wembley stadium but it was well worth it and we were well prepared. Our one bit of advice when travelling is to make sure that you plan in advance and if you are in the car and travelling a long way, like we were, make sure that you are comfortable on the way back as the show is very very long.

We felt that the security was really good especially after all the talk about what had happened previously and it made us feel much safer about going in. |It calmed our nerves that there were thorough security checks and therefore we could relax more and enjoy more without worrying as much.

When we got to our seats it was nice to have a sit down as we had to take a quick ten minute walk from where we had parked to the stadium. Our seats weren't the best but it was good for the price and it was nice to see the entire stadium and you could see the whole stage and the artist wherever they went.

There were a variety of acts so that it appealed to everyone and the line up actually worked out well as many of the artists actually had collaborations with each other so they were able to perform that song as well. Overall the acts were all really good from beginning to end. Bruno Mars set the tone and was a great way to kick off the show as he got the crowd up and ready for the whole seven hours. It was followed well and everyone was really good and the atmosphere was incredible. Little Mix finished with a bang as everyone was up and dancing and singing along with them. 

Check the bottom of the page for our social media and make sure to check our instagram as we have uploaded some videos of some of the acts. See you next week and don't forget to leave a comment and get in touch via social media. 


ThePolkaDotDaffodil x 

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