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Sunday, 9 July 2017



So on the weekend we went to Portsmouth university open day and it was a great experience and had us fall in love with the place. The university was like a city university except it also had aspects of being a campus as everything was in such close proximity of each other.

Everyone at the open day were nice and were very eager to help which lives up to the expectations of the university as they are very well known for their student support and this was evident throughout the day. From being given free water at registration to given an email to contact for further information. 

What we experienced, which we had not experienced at any other university open day, was a city coach tour which was nice to see the area where you would be staying as well as know the distance from where you are in the university. It was led by a university student so they provided information about what students normally get up to and the places where they hold things for students. 

Overall, the university was great and the people within the university were very helpful and eager to talk to you about the university. We even went down to south sea and it looked amazing as well as having loads of things to do if you ever want to go for a short city break (which we really want to do now). 

If you have any questions about open days leave a comment.If you go to a university or are looking at them leave a comment on which ones you are looking at or the one you go to. Make sure to follow our social media at the bottom of the page. 
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