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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Disney Essentials

For this weeks blog post we are going to share with you our DisneyLand essentials that everyone needs to know.
 The first thing that you are going to need to do is to download the DisneyLand Paris app, which has all the waiting times of the rides and attractions and also has a map of the park. It shows you where all the facilities of the park are and how to get to them, it shows where you are if you turn your location on, which helps if you are trying to find the way to a certain ride or attraction. You can also look at the restaurants that are there and book a reservation and you can operate your photo pass through the app aswell. 

The second thing which is REALLY IMPORTANT is a bag pack, when we went a week ago we decided to have two bag packs, one small mini bag pack which was included in one of our older blogposts and a bigger bag pack that had three compartments that could hold more things. This was really handy as we were there when it was colder so we could keep all our hats and scarfs in the bag ready to get out if needed. It was also really handy as we could fit our cameras and water bottles in them. It was also more convenient as we shared out the heavy things and made it easier to carry around the parks.

The third thing which was important for us was to make sure we had a portable charger and extra batteries and memory card as this will be necessary if you are using your camera a lot. If you are going to use your phone a lot to take photos or videos or you use the app you are going to need a portable charger as your battery will run low.

We found out when we were there that you can take food into the park so you are going to need to take snacks in with you for throughout the day especially if you get hungry fast as the prices aren't always the cheapest. We took food from our breakfast buffet in the hotel and took it with us into the parks as snacks that way if we were hungry in any of the lines waiting for a ride we were able to have a snack to keep us going before going for food. This is especially important as the lines are normally long and therefore you don't want to leave the line to go and get food only to go back later and the line be longer than before. 

If you are going in the month we did , which is October, or you know what the weather is like during the time that you go make sure to pack appropriately. We made sure to take raincoats and also made sure that we had comfortable and warm clothes for the parks as well as a change of clothes in the hotel to go back to the park wearing instead of staying in our wet clothes for a long time. 

Finally, if you are going to Disney and you have anything Disney related take it. It doesn't matter how old you are just wear it no one really cares and its the best place to wear any Disney merchandise you have. Especially if you go and meet the characters as they do pick up on it and it helps them to interact with you. It is also a lot of fun and you feel like a child again. 
This is all we have for our Disney essentials but if you have any others please leave a comment letting us know what they are so we can try them out next time we go. Thank you for reading and don't forget to follow us on here and to follow our social medias which are below to find out when we post our next post.
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