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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Flight Essentials

We recently went away and thought it would be good to share some of our flight essentials that help us on the plane. 

Firstly, an obvious essential for a flight is your passport and boarding pass. However, it is a good idea to keep all the files that you need for your holiday such as these as well as travel insurance in one place and therefore we used a travel folder and it was much easier to keep everything together and organise what we needed. This allowed us to organise our files and out them into the order that we needed them. This meant that, for one of us, it was less stressful and helpful as we weren't trying to find the things that we needed. 

The next flight essential is having something to keep you occupied on the plane. This could be a book, music, crosswords or a film or game on an iPad or laptop. This meant that you have something to do for the duration of the flight and therefore if you are a nervous flier you aren't thinking about flying as much which was important for one of us. 

Another essential is to some sort of sweet to chew on for take off as it helps to stop your ears from popping. Therefore, we bought a pack of sweets in the airport to make sure that we had something to stop our ears popping when taking off. This is really important as we forgot to do this one flight and our ears were still popping when we got to our hotel. 

You can also take fluffy socks to keep your feet warm and to keep comfortable, especially on long flights. This just helps you to be comfortable as well as keep warm. It is also important to make sure that you are wearing comfortable clothes for the flight as you don't want to feel uncomfortable for a long duration of time.

Another essential is toiletries such as tissues and hand sanitiser that are sometimes needed. Especially, if you have a baby it is good to have baby wipes and anything else that you need.We needed tissues as we had a problem with a nose bleed and therefore the tissues came in handy. 

You may also need a portable charger especially if you are going on a long flight and you are using your phone as an entertainment source. It is also good ion you are going on a long flight or your flight is in the night to have a pillow or a blanket or just something to help you sleep or just to be comfortable on the plane. 

Thanks for reading and we hope that this was helpful. 
Don't forget to comment we would love to hear what your flight essentials are as well as any other ideas you have. Follow our social medias linked at the bottom and our blog to keep track of our posts. 
ThePolkaDotDaffodil X 

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