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Thursday, 23 November 2017

Disneyland Paris- Day 1

This is a really exciting blog post for us as we are going to share with you our trip to DisneyLand Paris. We are both massive Disney lovers and so our first holiday without our parents was obviously going to be Disney and it wasn't disappointing.

We flew on 28th of October from Bristol airport to Paris. We flew at 8 but our flight was delayed which was a bit of a pain but we still got to Paris pretty early in the day so we had plenty of time in the park on our first day.

When we got to our hotel in Paris we left our luggage in the hotel in a room and we hoped straight on the shuttle bus to the Disney park and we couldn't be more excited. We got to the park and decided to go to Disney Studios first. The first thing we did as soon as we got in was fastpass The Tower of Terror. Then we looked on the app to see what rides had the shortest lines and went straight to the slinky ride. We didn't wait that long and was a good way to start and work our way up to the bigger rides.
After the slinky ride we walked past The Tower of Terror and realised it was only a 5 minute wait so decided to go on it now as well as go on it later with our fastpass. It was scary but possibly one of our favourite rides as it hit every expectation we had of it and also exceeded them.
After this we decided to go on the Ratatouille ride with the single riders and found that it was much quicker and allowed us to go on without using a fastness. We ended up going on at the same time as part of the same group and therefore we were able to enjoy the ride together anyways. This was also another great ride as you actually felt like a rat and despite the technical problems it was still a good ride and they had it up and running again very quickly.

After this we went to go on 'rock n rollercoaster' which is, for one of us, one of the best rides ever especially being a fan of Aerosmith and having the music play throughout the ride. It was full of excitement and was as fast as what everyone says and completely blew us away.

We then headed over to the flying carpets and decided to go on these as a throwback to when we were kids. It didn't disappoint and we seemed to turn back into 6 year old children on the ride. we were excited by the fact that we were able to control the ride and we were constantly moving up and down on our magic carpet as well as singing the cliche of 'A whole New World'.

After this we spotted Pluto and therefore decided to join the line to meet him as he is one of our favourites. When we met him we turned into little kids again so excited to meet him. It was also nice to see other little kids going to see him and parents even getting excited and joining in. The crew members were all really nice and offered to take pictures for us on our phones.

After this we used our fastness to go back on Tower of Terror as it was so good we couldn't wait to go back on it. After this we did all the small attraction things such as photos and seeing Boo's door and the Scream meter.

This is the first part of our first day to Disneyland Paris. Stay tuned for the next part of Day one as well as our other days in Disneyland. Follow our social medias linked below and leave a comment.
We would love to hear from you.
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