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Sunday, 17 December 2017

Blogmas Day Fifteen - Our Christmas gathering


For todays blogmas post we are going to be sharing what we did last night and how we planned and organised our Christmas gathering and sleepover. We thought we would share this with you as if any of you are having a gathering or party or sleepover and you are not sure on what you are going to do or what you are going to need to make it the perfect Christmas gathering.

The first thing that we planned and organised was what day everyone was free so that we could make sure that everyone could come. After we picked a date and time we had to start planning what we were going to do, what we were going to eat and drink and how could we make this really festive and perfect.

The one thing we knew we were going to have to do to make it fun was playing board games as who doesn't love a board game. We love playing a classic board game and so we think you should definitely consider playing board games like monopoly, which we did, or clue, life and any other board game that you used to play or still play today.

We also decided it would be a good idea to get as many Christmas films as we could find and put them on in the background and occasionally get distracted by them. We chose films like Polar Express, Elf, The Santa Claus and The Grinch.

We got as much junk food as we could find to stuff our faces with as well as some nice hot chocolate to drink. We had popcorn to go with the films as well as chocolate and other sugary treats.

We think that if you want to do something similar to our Christmas sleepover then these are some of the things that you should consider for it. Thanks for reading day 15 of blogmas and we are sorry for the delay.

ThePolkaDotDaffodil x

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