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Monday, 18 December 2017

Blogmas Day Eighteen - Christmas Present

can you believe that we are already on day 18 of blogmas, which means we are seven days away from Christmas Day, WHOOP WHOOP!  For today's blogmas post we are going to be talking about what we do around Christmas time that has changed since we were younger.

The first thing that has defiantly changed since we were younger is waking up really really early in the morning to see what 'Santa' had brought us and to see if the reindeer has drank the milk and eaten the carrots that we had left out for them.  Now that we are older, we wake up much later but still quite early as we are excited that it is Christmas Day. Now that we are older it is defiantly nicer to watch your family open the presents that you have bought and to see their reaction to what it is, rather than opening your own presents but we still love it as it is always exciting to see what they have bought you.

The second thing that has changed is that we can now afford to buy presents for our family members ourselves and we really enjoy going out and buying their presents as you can get them something really personal to them. This has changed as when we were little our mums and dads would buy the presents, we would help wrap them and then we would write our names on them to make it look like we have bought them.

The third thing that has changed is that as we are getting older we are getting more school work given to us so we don't get much time before Christmas weekend to get really festive and then after Christmas, instead of playing or using what we had been given for Christmas, we are normally revising for up coming exams or completing homework and coursework that needs to be in on the first day back to school. This means that we don't get much time to get and be festive which really disappoints us as it is our favourite time of the year.

The last thing that has changed around Christmas time is that we can now drink alcohol and celebrate properly on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and boxing day. We love going down stairs on Christmas Day and instead of having juice or water we get to have a glass of bucks fizz with the family when we have breakfast and open our presents and cards. We also love that we can help our parents out more now that we are older as we now know how to cook so we can help out when they need it, which isn't very often as our mums like to do it by themselves as they have to make it perfect.

Thank you for reading todays blogmas post, we hope you have enjoyed it. We would love to hear in the comments what you do different now that you are a little but older and what you do on Christmas Day. Don't forger to follow this page, our social medias and please leave a comment on what you think of our blogmas posts so far as we would love to hear from you. Thank you and see you tomorrow for blogmas day nineteen,

ThePolkaDotDaffodil X

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