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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Travelling to Disneyland Paris!

Hello lovelies,
This is our blog post of our DisneyLand Paris trip that we went on a few weeks ago. We have got so many excited photos to share and some tricks and tips as well for you.

On the 28th of October 2017 we woke up at three o'clock in the morning where we then travelled to Bristol airport to catch our plane at eight AM to fly to Paris. Our plane was delayed by an hour so instead of flying at eight we flew at nine which wasn't too bad but we just wanted to get to Paris as we were so excited.

When our flight was called and we were on the bus to the aeroplane, we were not expecting to see a small plane that kind of looks like a private jet on the outside. We were really lucky as there wasn't many people on the plane so it wasn't long until we took off. We were seated at the back of the plane by our selves so it was really nice as we could talk without disturbing anyone who might of wanted peace and quiet to sleep. The flight was really good as there was no problems with turbulence so we had a very smooth flight. When we got to the French airport that we landed in we collected our baggage and then made our way to our taxi transfer, which was a really good idea as we didn't have to wait around for anyone as it was just the three of us. 

It wasn't long until we arrived at the Vienna House Dream Castle Hotel, which is a partner Disney hotel. We chose to stay at a partner hotel as it was cheaper and we still had free transport to the Disney Park. We recommend this hotel as there was really good service the breakfast was good, the hotel rooms were really nice and comfortable and the parks were only ten minutes away from the hotel on the bus. As soon as we got to the hotel and checked in we got what we needed from our suitcases and put them away in the room that they had as we couldn't go to our rooms until 3PM and we got there at half past eleven. After we got what we needed we headed to the transport bus, which was just outside the hotel doors and jumped on to go start our first day at DisneyLand Paris.

We decided on the bus to the park that the first park that we were going to visit was Walt Disney Studios as this is the smaller park compared to DisneyLand Magic Kingdom. As soon as we had collected our park tickets for the three days that we were there for we went straight for the gates to go into Disney studios. The minute we walked in we were all like children as we couldn't get the smiles off of our faces as we were so excited to be there finally after booking it six months ago. The first thing we did was go and get fast passes for tower of terror as we knew there would be a long waiting line for it. We then went towards Toy Story land where we queued for our first ride of our Disney trip which was the slinky ride. We decided to go on this as there wasn't a long queue and Rebekah, who had been there before suggested that it was a good first ride and we were not disappointed. Even though the ride isn't long and isn't really fast it was still a really good ride to go on. We then walked around the park and took photos of all the wonderful things.

For the rest of this blog post go onto our DisneyLand Day 1 post so you can see what else we got up to on our first day. Thank you for reading, we hoped you enjoyed, don't forget to comment and follow our blog so you know when we have posted a new blog post. Make sure you also follow our social media's that are down below to keep up to date on what we are up to. See you next time,

ThePolkaDotDaffodil X

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