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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Disney In The Dark!

So, this is the last part of our trip to Disney and it is the Disney in the dark post. We included all our night time activities in this post for all three days and packed it into this one post for you. Make sure to read our other posts on our days in the park as well.

As we went in October it got dark very quickly. This was nice as all the park was nicely lit up and we even managed to go on a lot of rides in the dark quickly as no one wanted to be in the cold and in the dark. The best ride to go on in the dark is definitely the Mad Hatter's Tea cups as the ride is lit up and it is so pretty and a lot of fun in the dark. We did this ride repeatedly as it was one of our favourites especially in the dark.

We also managed to go on Big Thunder Mountain in the dark. We found that this was the best time to go on the ride as the line wasn't that long at this time and we decided against seeing the fireworks on the first night. We highly recommend doing this as all the lines are short. We also managed to go on Indiana Jones in the dark and found that this made the ride much scarier and added to the atmosphere that you would expect from Indiana Jones.

We then went on its a small world and it was so much fun and we didn't have to line up for long. This meant that it was definitely worth it as we were on the ride straight away and listening to the same song repeatedly. We then managed to go on Pirates of the Caribbean in the dark and we weren't sure whether we were waiting inside or outside due to the setting of the line but the heat told us that we were definitely inside waiting for the ride and we were more than happy with that.

The best part was our first evening meal of the holiday. We went to Planet Hollywood and decided to spoil ourselves especially as it is quite expensive even with the voucher. The portions were good and even we couldn't finish the food as there was so much of it.

On the second day we managed to rush over to Hollywood Studios park after the parade in order to get on Crush Coaster. We had wanted to go on all day but never found the right time as there was always such a long wait for the ride. We eventually just decided to wait and kept ourselves entertained in the queue of the ride along with some of our peers in the lines. To keep us entertained we decided to play heads up and it did its job as we were laughing our heads of as we were acting out all the different Disney characters. It was definitely worth it as it is one of our favourite rides.

We then ran to Toy Soldier Parachute drop as were had also wanted to go on it and thought it would be the quietest time on the second day and we may not of had enough time to do it on our last day. After this we went back to the magic kingdom park waiting for the fireworks. Disney never disappoint with the fireworks and we were all definitely amazed by the show that they put on. We felt just like kids again and it was truly incredible to watch.

Thank you for reading about our trip to DisneyLand Paris. Make sure to read all the previous posts on our trip to Disney and leave a comment on what you think of our blog. Don't forget to follow all of our social media's which are down below, to keep up to date on everything that we are doing and to also get hints of exciting things that we are doing.

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