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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Disneyland Paris Day Two

 This is the second instalment of our trip to Disneyland Paris and on this day we decided to go to the magic kingdom park and focus on getting everything we wanted to get there done. We managed to do quite a lot despite there being so many people in the park and we even managed to do some things twice.

We obviously took so many photos upon first arrival and then we went straight to fastpass Peter Pan's Flight. After doing this we found a ride nearby with a short waiting time by using the app and so we managed to get on the Dumbo ride pretty quickly.

After the Dumbo ride we went to Alice's maze. This was so much fun and we got a good view from the centre of the maze before leaving and going onto another ride. This is a really fun thing to do if there are lots of queues for the rides that you want to go on and you want to wait for the queues to go down or if you have time to spare when you are waiting for your fastpass time for a ride.

After this we went to the Snow White ride as it was also a short line. It was nice and definitely good if you have kids with you. Snow White was frightening as a child but was still enjoyable and we found that it had a similar effect when we were grown up but was still really good ride.

We then went on Star Tours and unfortunately for us it was in French. However, we were still able to grasp the concept of the ride and the story and it was still a lot of fun but if you are not a huge Star Wars fan it is probably best to save time and only go on it if it has a short waiting time as it may seem pointless otherwise. We then decided to go on the Carousel ride and it was actually pretty good fun even for people who are obsessed with rollercoasters. When we were walking around the park we noticed there was a small waiting line for the Mad Hatters Tea Cups sop we decided to go on that. When we were walking we also noticed that Geppetto was standing around having photos with people so we decided to join the queue.

We then went for some food at Casey's corner which was a good place to go when we were kids. It is still as good as ever as it has the best chips ever! After having our food we waited ages to see Stitch but it was definitely worth it. Even if we had to sprint to Peter Pan's Flight ready for our fastpass.

After this we went on Space Mountain and it was definitely amazing. Disney added a Star Wars theme to the ride and it made the ride one hundred times better than when we were younger. This was the last ride of the day before going back to the hotel and getting ready to go back out for our night at Disney to watch the parade and fireworks.

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