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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Disneyland Paris Day Three


This is the last day that we had in Disney before flying home. Unfortunately, we didn't have a full day in the park but we still managed to get everything that we wanted to do done and more.

The first thing we did was fastpass Buzz Lightyear. We had been dying to go on this ride for ages so we knew to Fastpass it straight away so we could go on it. After getting the Fastpass we went straight onto another ride that had a much shorter line and so we went on Phantom Manor which really added to the Halloween theme. It was a really good ride and enjoyable for all ages as it wasn't actually too scary.

We then went back on Space Mountain as we loved it so much and then decided to go and get some food from the Hakuna Matata Restaurant. However, on the way we saw Captain Hook and decided to wait to see him. It wasn't actually a short wait and so we managed to see him pretty quickly. He was not too impressed with the Peter Pan ears we had with us and even almost threw them into the water. Many of the younger kids watching loved this and we were so happy with how good the characters interacted with everyone.   We then saw that Peter Pan was opposite Captain Hook so we went and queued to meet him and he was much happier to see the Peter Pan ears of course.

We still had time to kill before using our fastpass so we went to have a look at some of the shops and stopped to try out some glass blowing. The lady was very nice and had a joke around with us and it was a nice thing for all of us to try. It was then time to use our fastpass so we made our way over to the Buzz Lightyear ride.

The ride is normally really good but it kept stopping due to some difficulties. It was good for us though as we figured out that we were still able to get points even though the ride was static. We were all determined to get the highest score out of us all and so we were taking it way too seriously but it was a lot of fun and Molly was really happy as she had the most points so she won.

Unfortunately, this was the last ride of the day but we saved enough time to have shop and have a walk down the Disney village.

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