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Monday, 11 December 2017

Blogmas Day Eleven- Festive Family Fun


Today's blogmas post is about all the festive family fun that we have had with our families when we were younger and what we think you can try this Christmas.

Firstly, when we were younger we would always get board games for Christmas and so all the best times as a family were playing board games on Christmas and Boxing day. Some of the best are monopoly and Clue.

We also love to have family movie nights leading up to Christmas where we would watch a different Christmas film every night until Christmas day. All the films that we said in our blogmas post on the best Christmas films were definitely a part of this as well as many other Christmas films.

We also grew up watching the soap Christmas specials. Any and all soaps that we could find we would watch the Christmas special but our favourite for this year has got to be Emmerdale and we can't wait to watch it.

Another thing that we love to do with our family at Christmas is to visit winter wonderland and to go ice skating. This always puts us in the festive mood and is always really funny as we can not ice skate so its just us trying not to fall.

We also love watching the Christmas specials on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and we can not wait this year for the Victoria Christmas special as we love Victoria. We also love watching the Doctor Who Christmas special.

As part of our family Christmas tradition that we have to do every year is to go and see a pantomime in the New Theatre in Cardiff. We do this every year as they are always really funny and enjoyable. They always get us in the festive mood. We also do this as it is a time for the whole family to go out without anything disturbing us and for us to spend time together.

A part of Christmas has to be the Christmas decorations as its not Christmas without decorations. Every year ,we as a family get together and put up the Christmas decorations around the house together, as it is always a enjoyable time as we laugh and sing Christmas songs very loud and as not everyone in our families can sing it is very funny trying to watch our family members hit any high notes.

Thank you for reading day eleven of our blogmas post. We hope you are enjoying reading them as much as we are enjoying writing them. Don't forget to follow our social medias's at the bottom of our blog to keep up to date on everything that we are doing. Thank you and see you tomorrow for blogmas day twelve,

ThePolkaDotDaffodil X

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