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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Blogmas Day Thirteen - Christmas Decoration Ideas


So this is day thirteen of blogmas and we hope you are enjoying all of our blogmas posts. Today we want to share with you some ideas for Christmas decorations.

We love Christmas decorations and we love homemade gifts as you can see from our first blogmas. However, sometime it is much easier to just buy the decorations.

Some of the decorations we love are Disney themed. These are often such beautiful decorations an there is a vast majority of decorations that you can get. It has no become a tradition that every time we go to Disneyland we buy a Christmas decoration even if it is the middle of summer. They are just so lovely and they often create a very mis-match effect on the tree and so makes it seem like a very family orientated tree.

We also love ornaments from universal and have a Grinch and a Cat in the Hat ornament. Another great idea is Harry Potter decorations. From our trip to Harry Potter studios you can probably tell that we love Harry Potter so of course we are going to have a few Harry Potter decorations as part of our Christmas d├ęcor.

We went to Primark and found that they do some great Harry Potter and Disney decorations that were affordable as well as cute.

We also quite like the traditional Christmas colours so try to stick to this as much as we can as it is nice to just be traditional and you feel like you are in a Christmas film when everything is so traditionally Christmas like.

Thanks for reading Blogmas day thirteen. Don't forget to go back and read all of our other blogmas posts and come back tomorrow for the next edition of blogmas. Please leave a comment and don't forget to follow our social media pages linked at the bottom to see when we post.

ThePolkaDotDaffodil x

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