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Sunday, 10 December 2017

Blogmas Day Ten- Christmas Party Ideas

Welcome back to our blog. This is blogmas day ten and we are going to tell you our Christmas party ideas as we love to throw a party or a gathering to get all our friends together.

 As its Christmas we thought that it would be nice to invite our friends over to one of our houses and have a Christmas themed gathering and to have a sleepover after. This is a great idea if you and your friends don't want to go out for a meal or to buy presents as you don't have enough money as it means that you and your friends are still together and it is cheap as each friend could bring something, like one friend brings the main food, another brings desert, one friends brings the snacks and movies and another brings the games. We are actually having a Christmas sleepover this Friday with our friends and we have planned to watch Christmas films whilst stuffing our face with sweets and chocolate. We have also planned to play board games as we are all quite competitive so it will be interesting to see who wins. We are going to watch our favourite Christmas films whilst having a laugh with our hot chocolate's so make sure you are following our social media's to see picture's.

Another idea is to invite all your friends around your house and all of you put money and buy a takeaway. This is also a nice idea as not everyone likes the same takeaway so you could have a few different ones. This is also great way to give out your secret Santa presents if you have done that with your friends as you are all together. If you are old enough you could have alcoholic drinks and you could make and give them festive names, but if you are not old enough to drink you could have hot chocolate or anything else that you and your friends like. You could also gather around a table and play board games as this is a nice opportunity to interact with each other without being in school or on your phones. This idea is also cheap as everyone could bring something each.

You could also have a Christmas afternoon party where you have different competitions like best Christmas jumper or best Christmas cake or treat as this involves everyone and is fun and also cheap. You could make different cakes and biscuits and decorate them with christmasy things like make gingerbread Christmas trees or different Christmas ornaments. You could also make DIY Christmas decorations for your own houses as this is always a nice way of getting creative.

For our Christmas party on Friday we are doing small stockings for our friends with little bits and bobs that they like and we are planning to get them a new pair of Christmas PJ's. We are also going to get the living room where we are all staying really warm, cosy and festive as it's a Christmas sleepover. We are going to have lot's of fluffy blankets to keep us warm and fluffy socks to keep our feet warm.

These are some of our ideas for anyone who is thinking of having a Christmas party and if you have anymore ideas please leave a comment below. This is a really nice way of getting your friends together with you not having to spend money as Christmas can be an expensive time of year.

Thank you for reading today's blogmas post and don't forget to come back tomorrow for day elevens post. Please don't forget to comment and follow our social medias as we would love to hear from you and would love to know what you are planning to do for Christmas. If you follow our social media's you will be up to date on what we are doing and if we are doing anything exciting. Thank you and see you tomorrow,

ThePolkaDotDaffodil X

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