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Friday, 4 May 2018

Choosing a University


So, we are off to university soon and we wanted to share with you how we picked the universities that we chose as well as give some tips on how to chose the right university. Of Course, not everyone wants to go to university and we understand that and we ourselves even questioned whether we should go to university and whether university was for us and so we will also share with you how we decided that we want to go to university. 

So, when we started talking about universities we at first questioned whether we were right for university and whether university would be right for us. Therefore, we had to look at whether we were definitely sure that we wanted to go to university. Therefore, what helped us to decide to go to university was looking at what courses were available to study and seeing whether we were interested in them. We first looked at what we would like to study in higher education as we knew that we would have to study this for 3 years or more and as such needed to pick something that we would enjoy as well as help us get a future career that we wanted. 

Once we had looked at the course that we wanted to study we looked at each of the universities courses to see if the modules in the course would interest us as well as the entry requirements for the course. Therefore, we found universities that did our course and looked at the course modules to see if we were interested and then narrowed them down to the universities that had entry requirements that we felt were realistic for us to achieve. 

Once we had picked a select few universities that had a course that we like and had entry requirements which were realistic for us to achieve we then looked at each of the universities in detail looking at their teaching standards, student satisfaction, life in the area and of course what every student is concerned with night life. Now for us night life wasn’t actually a big deal but we knew that we didn’t want somewhere which wasn’t completely student orientated as we knew it would not be right for us. However, some people like areas that are not suited towards students and as such it all comes down to what you want. This is also evident as one of us has decided to go to a city university and the other a campus university. Both are very different so we recommend going on open days when possible so that you can see if you like the atmosphere of the university. 

We highly recommend that you go on open days as they truly helped us to decide our five choices for our UCAS applications. On a open day you get to speak to the lecturers of the course and get their in put as well as speak to the current students who are doing the course that you want to do. You also get a feel for the university and look around the facilities and also look at where everything is in the university. The best part of an open day for us was looking at the accommodation which is what a lot of students are concerned with. This is important as you will most likely be living there for the majority of the year especially if you are leaving home to go to university. 

Once we had got our offers from the universities we then were left with a decision of what university to chose. Therefore, we had to look at a bunch of different things to make the decision. For starters we had to look at the offer that we were given and whether or not we were likely to achieve the offer. We also looked at how we felt on the open day and whether we liked the area and the university. We also looked at the league tables although they did not play a big part in our choice as we wanted to make sure that we chose a university that we liked and not one that was considered to be an amazing university. Finally, we found that thinking about living in the area and being in the university helped as we were able to see where we could see ourselves going. This also came from our parents thoughts as they tend to know us pretty well and so we asked them where they could see us going and this contributed to our decision. 

However, you need to make sure that at the end of the day you pick the university that you want as you can get advice and input from other people but it has to be your own decision and we made sure that we took our parents opinion into consideration but also listened to ourselves on where we wanted to go. 

We hope this was somewhat helpful for you and if you want to see more posts about our choices for universities and the process we went through and eventually about our universities when we get there then please let us know. Also leave a comment on your own experiences or more posts that you would like to see. 

Thank you,

ThePolkaDotDaffodil X 

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