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Friday, 4 May 2018

Favourite DisneyLand Paris Attractions!

Hello everyone,

For todays Blog post we are going to be telling you our favourite attractions at DisneyLand Paris as you can probably know from the title. We hope you enjoy.

It is so hard telling you in order which is our favourite as we cannot pick which one is at the top of list as we do love them all but Molly's two favourites are Crush Coaster and Space Mountain because she loves the speed that they go and the theme of crush coaster as it is very different from other rides at DisneyLand. Rebekah's two favourite are Peter Pan's Flight and Rock'n Rollercoaster because she loves the music for rock'n rollercoaster and Peter Pan's flight because it makes her feel like she is flying and it brings back a lot of happy memories.

We both love meeting the characters and watching the parades as we love that you get to interact with your favourite characters and like seeing all the interesting floats. We also love that you can see all of the characters at the parades as you sometimes can't meet them because they don't do meet and greets or because the queues are too long so this is a good opportunity to see them.

A must have for Molly is going on the dumbo and flying magic carpet rides as they bring back a lot of memories from when I went to Disney with my family when I was a child. A must have for Rebekah is defiantly going on big thunder mountain and she has to have chips from Casey's Corner.

One thing we think you have to do when you go to DisneyLand is to go on It's A Small World as it is a iconic ride and it is suitable for everyone, no matter your age. We also think you have to go on the Mad Hatters Tea Cups because it is a great ride to let your inner child out on and Buzz lightyear Laser Blast ride as it will bring your competitive side out.

If you like big rides and drops you defiantly have to go on Hollywood Tower of Terror as the drops and theme of the ride will be sure to get you screaming. also you have to go on Indiana Jones as the loops and drops will get anyone scared no matter if you are a massive rollercoasters fan.

If you are a Toy Story fan you can not miss going to Toy Story land as it will make you feel like one of the toys in Andy's toy box and there are rides for everyone. The theme of Toy Story Land will make anyone feel like a kid again with the big Buzz Lightyear and the monkeys and iconic lights. Also if you go to Adventure Land you can go through the caves of Skull Rock to make you feel apart of Neverland, which was a must when we went are both huge Peter Pan fans.

One thing we didn't do when we went but we massively regret not doing is going to see some of the shows like Animagique and 25th anniversary show as they both showcase some of your favourite characters and you get to see them sing and dance to all your favourite Disney songs.

Thank you for reading about our favourite DisneyLand Paris attractions, if you have any that we have missed please comment them down below as we would love to hear them. Don't forget to follow us on all of our social medias as we are always posting things. See you next time,

Thank you,

ThePolkaDotDaffodil X

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