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Friday, 4 May 2018

Marvel Mondays!


So, Avengers Infinity War was released last Thursday and we are still avoiding all the spoilers before we go and see it for ourselves. However, we then thought of a new blog idea called Marvel Monday. 

Marvel Monday will be a series of blog posts where we post about all things marvel. So, if you love superheroes, especially marvel superheroes, then stay tuned for this series. 

So, to kick of this series we thought we would talk about some of the best superheroes that are a part of the marvel franchise. These are some of our favourites (of the avengers) so if you have other favourites that we have not mentioned then please leave them in the comments and please no spoilers for infinity war! 

First off one of my all time favourite superheroes has got to be Captain America. For some reason Captain America is just a superhero that I love. I have constantly argued with my dad about Captain America being an incredible superhero with his super soldier abilities and his friendship to Bucky, The Winter Soldier. 

This brings me onto another loved superhero, in my opinion, the Winter Soldier. I absolutely love the Winter Soldier and think that his story is one of the most interesting stories and his journey as a character is definitely one that shows just how complex the character is. 

Another character that we love, and dearly miss, is quicksilver. To say we were gutted by his death is an understatement. We thought quicksilver was a great character and definitely wish that he hadn’t died. In fact we prefer him to his sister and think that he had so much potential in the franchise as a superhero. 

Another marvel superhero that we love is Hawkeye. Sure he doesn’t have a super power but his aim with his bow and arrow is super enough. He is also an interesting character and him having a family makes us hope that he is not killed in Infinity War (NO SPOILERS PLEASE!!). Although, we did ship him and Black Widow at one point but now that ship has sailed due to the progression of him as a character and already having a wife and kids. 

Lastly, or we will end up naming all the marvel superheroes rather than some of our favourites, we want to finish with a villain and so one of our favourites is Loki. The brother of Thor who we are supposed to hate due to him almost destroying the world and yet we love him too much to hate him. 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for next weeks Marvel Monday to find out our thoughts on Avengers Infinity War! 

ThePolkaDotDaffodil X 

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