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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Blogmas Day Five - Winter Wonderland

welcome back to our blog. We are on Blogmas day 5 and today its all about Winter Wonderland. We are very lucky as we have a winter wonderland just 15 minutes away from our house so we can visit when ever we want to during November and December. We have decided to do a blogmas post on winter wonderland as it is very festive and it puts everyone in the Christmas mood, well it puts us in the Christmas mood.

 We love winter wonderland as there is loads to do and there is something to do for everyone like there is small rides for children, there is a ice rink for everyone that wants to ice skate and there are lots of different wooden huts offering different types of food and drink.

We recommend going to winter wonderland if you are stuck on what to get you in the festive food as there is a really nice atmosphere. Its a really nice place to go as a family as there is something for all ages. We love going every year with our families as we always make new memories, whether that be that one of us has a funny fall on the ice or is being silly whilst skating or if one of us gets their food all over their face by accident whilst eating their food. Just make sure you wrap up nice and warm when you go as you will get cold otherwise.
Thats all for todays blogmas post, we hoped you have enjoyed. Don't forget to comment with some of your memories from when you have visited or if you are planning on going to winter wonderland this year. Also don't forget to follow all of our social medias to know when we have updated or to find out what we are up to. Thank you for reading and make sure you come back tomorrow to read day 6 blogmas post.

ThePolkaDotDaffodil X

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