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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Blogmas Day Six- Christmas Haul


In this blogmas we are going to share with you all the stuff we have bought in preparation for Christmas. So, we are going to share with you the Christmas decorations we have found as well as the gifts that we found to buy for our relatives and friends.

Firstly, we found some lovely stuff at poundland and thought they were a great price as well as a great gift. We found a jug for Santa's milk which was really festive and cute and definitely good quality. We also found a nice glittery decoration with a reindeer on it to put on a shelf that we thought it was really nice and cute. We had seen similar ones that were much more expensive and the same quality so it is definitely worth going here first and then deciding whether to pay for something more expensive. We love Christmas cushions and so we were happy to find a lovely cushion that was good quality and a cheap price.

 We also found some lovely wreaths at poundland so if you have not yet got your wreath then this is a good place to go and get one for good quality and at a good price.

We also found some lovely things in Boots that would be good gifts for everyone and therefore we bought a few on our Christmas shopping trip. we bought a lot of wash things for our relatives as it is a quick and easy gift and we always find that we need a last minute present for someone who you don't think you will see or will give you a gift. We also saw some lovely make-up sets in Superdrug that we have bought for some of our other friends that we slightly wish we had bought for ourselves.

We also saw some very Christmas based things in Boots that were so tempting to buy but we knew we would be broke if we did.
Finally, we went to Prmark which had so much Christmas stuff we almost ended up buying everything. But we did see some lovely Christmas throws and candles and many other Christmas decorations as well as good homely things and gifts.
Thanks for reading day 6 of blogmas leave a comment with what you have bought ready for Christmas or share it with us on social media which is linked below.
ThePolkaDotDaffodil x 

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