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Thursday, 7 December 2017

Blogmas Day Seven - Best Christmas Films


So this is blogmas day 7. We hope that you are enjoying all of our blogmas posts and that you are just as excited for Christmas as we are.

One of the best things about Christmas for us is the films. Christmas is the time of year with the best films for all ages. So, here are some of our favourites that we highly recommend watching this Christmas. Christmas films are also the best as everyone loves them so it is a time for all the family to come together and get snacks and have a Christmas movie night with your PJ's and your blankets.

Firstly, everyone knows that one of the best Christmas films is Home Alone. It is a classic Christmas film and is great to watch when sat at home cuddled up on the sofa with a blanket and hot chocolate in the night, especially when you have been out in the cold and rain.

Another amazing Christmas film is How the Grinch stole Christmas. This is one of the best Christmas films of all time and we watch it every Christmas on repeat. Both the animated an The Grinch live action are amazing and we watch them on repeat in the dark with the Christmas tree lights on and the fairy lights.

A hilarious Christmas film is Christmas with the Kranks. It is such a good comedic Christmas film for a slightly older audience rather than watching with the kids but is still such a good and funny Christmas film and defiantly one to put you in the Christmas spirit.

One Christmas film that we love to watch that every child will probably love is Mickey's once upon a Christmas as well as any other Christmas Disney films. Disney have made multiple of these and now have Mickey's twice upon a Christmas which follows three stories in each film. Mickey's once upon a Christmas is one of Rebekah's all time favourite as it brings back memories of being a child and being really excited for Christmas.

Another great Disney film is Mickey's Christmas Carol as well as The Muppets Christmas Carol. Both follow the classic story of a Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens but is a great alternative to watch with children.

One of our all time favourites is The Santa Claus film. There is obviously three of these films as part of the franchise. They are all so good but everyone loves the original and we watch this every Christmas. Tim Allen is in many Christmas films which just shows how much of a great actor he is.

Molly's all time favourite Christmas films are definitely The Polar Express and Elf as it's not Christmas until I watch them as they put me in the Christmas mood. They also hold a lot of memories because they are films that all my family love so we always have family movie nights with take-away, snacks and drinks with all of us wearing our cosy PJ's with fluffy socks and warm blankets.

We would love to know what your favourite Christmas films are and if you have any Christmas movie nights with your friends or family. Don't forget to follow all our social medias that are below to keep up to date with what exciting things we are doing. Also don't forget to comment and let us know what Christmas traditions you have. We will see you tomorrow for Blogmas day 8. Thank you for reading.

ThePolkaDotDaffodil X

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