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Monday, 4 December 2017

Blogmas Day Four - Vegan Christmas Dinner


Christmas is a time known for a good turkey dinner but for Vegans this is difficult to get past without having a nut roast. a nut roast is nice but after a while it starts to get a bit boring and t is not the only option for Christmas. In fact you can even cheat and just go and buy an alternative vegan meat source for Christmas if you don't indeed have enough time to make anything from scratch. However, this is our vegan Christmas dinner that we make and now sharing for blogmas day four.

Firstly, all the vegetables are obviously going to stay the same for our vegan Christmas dinner and therefore nothing needs to be changed for this part of the meal. However, you may need to check the labels of some Yorkshire puddings and make sure that they are vegan but we find that the ones we buy are fine.

For starters we usually like to have an almond pate with some toast. This is super easy to make as you gather all the ingredients from the recipe and blend them all together to make the paste. This is actually really nice and even appeals to non-vegans believe it or not. The only problem is that when making the pate you need to soak the almonds for a long period of time.

For our main, we keep everything the same but change the meat. Therefore we like to cheat and use a store bought alternative but we have used tofu and other ingredients to make an alternative tofu type turkey with stuffing. This is all really easy and you only need to add some spices or sauces to the tofu to make it taste like Christmas as well as follow a simple list of ingredients for the stuffing. We like to use olive oil, celery, onion, bread crumbs, herbs and some other stuff for our stuffing an it taste delicious.

For desert we like to keep it simple as we are normally full by this point but refuse to turn down a desert. So, we normally have a simple pudding made with sugar, vegan butter and flour and drizzle with some golden syrup. This is normally really nice and very simple to make. However, if you want to push the boat out there are plenty of other options but we tend to stick with this.

We know it is a bit early to be thinking about Christmas dinner but we hope you enjoyed. leave a comment with what you are planning to have for your Christmas dinner regardless on if it is vegan or not. Thanks for reading todays blogmas. Please follow our social media for more updates on blogmas and other posts.

ThePolkaDotDaffodil x

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